Aliens in New England? A Timeline of UFO Sightings and Unusual Encounters

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Even prior to the primary European settlers arrived on those shores in the 1600s, New England used to be website hosting guests from round the sector. Yet some consider New England has additionally welcomed visitors from a lot, a lot farther away. The first documented UFO sighting in America came about right here, as did the primary extensively publicized declare of alien abduction. Want to be informed extra about New England UFO sightings and alien encounters? Here are a couple of highlights from New England’s very personal “X-Files.”


First Reported Sighting (1639)

In 1639, Massachusetts Bay Colony governor John Winthrop recorded the primary UFO sighting in America.

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The first documented UFO sighting in America dates again to 1639, when Massachusetts Bay Colony cofounder and governor John Winthrop recorded a secondhand commentary of unidentified gadgets in the sky over Boston. In his diary access of March 1 that 12 months, Winthrop wrote {that a} “sober, discreet guy” named James Everell used to be rowing a ship up the Muddy River at night time when he noticed a “nice gentle” in the sky. Winthrop reviews that “when it stood nonetheless, it flamed up, and used to be about 3 yards sq.; when it ran, it used to be shrunk into the determine of a swine: it ran as swift as an arrow in opposition to Charlton [Charlestown], and so up and down about two or 3 hours.” By the time the lighting moved away, Everell and his boatmates were delivered one mile upstream, despite the fact that that they had no reminiscence of how.

Cynthia Everett (1808)

Cynthia Everett, a 24-year-old Massachusetts lady operating as a schoolteacher in Camden, Maine, in 1808, recorded in her diary a reasonably equivalent account. Her access on July 22 reads: “About 10 o’clock I noticed an excessively atypical look. It used to be a mild, which proceeded from the East. At the primary sight, I assumed it used to be a métier [meteor], however from its movement I quickly perceived it used to be now not. It perceived to dart to start with as briefly as gentle; and gave the look to be in the Atmosphere, however decreased towards the bottom and stored on at an equivalent distance every now and then ascending and every now and then descending.”

East Mountain Radar Base (1961)

During the Cold War, the U.S. Air Force maintained a radar base on Vermont’s 3,438-foot East Mountain. Named the North Concord Air Force Station, this far flung facility began working in 1956. At the peak of its operations, about 175 males labored on the station; they lived in a bit of Quonset hut village (entire with retailer, bowling alley, and theater) a few mile down the mountain. In 1961, in line with army reviews, a atypical object seemed in the skies above East Mountain and remained visual for approximately 18 mins. Given that the occasions involving Barney and Betty Hill (underneath) took place simply a short while later, some assert that this used to be the similar UFO. The base closed in 1963 and now sits deserted.

The state of New Hampshire erected

In July 2011, the state of New Hampshire erected this signal close to the website online of the Hill come across in the White Mountains. Richard Marsh

Barney and Betty Hill (1961)

The first extensively publicized file of an alien abduction in the United States used to be that of Betty and Barney Hill. The Portsmouth, New Hampshire, couple claimed to were taken via extraterrestrials close to Franconia Notch at the night time of September 19, 1961. According to their account, the Hills noticed a vibrant gentle in the sky whilst riding house at about 10:30 p.m. Betty idea to start with it used to be a taking pictures famous person, however then it modified route and moved upward. They stopped the automobile for a better glance, and via binoculars they noticed an odd-shaped craft flashing multicolored lighting. As they drove away, the craft, which they estimate used to be no less than 40 toes lengthy, adopted them, in the end descending so low over their 1957 Chevy that they stopped the automobile. Again the usage of binoculars, Barney noticed humanoid figures in black uniforms throughout the send’s home windows. The Hills drove away at top velocity. They heard some humming and beeping sounds, skilled a tingling sensation, and blacked out. When they regained awareness, that they had traveled just about 35 miles south, despite the fact that they didn’t recall the adventure. Later, below hypnosis, the Hills described being taken onto the send, the place they have been separated and tested. Their tale used to be tailored via journalist John G. Fuller into the best-selling 1966 e book The Interrupted Journey and the 1975 tv film The UFO Incident.

Exeter Incident (1965)

On September 3, 1965, one of essentially the most well-known UFO occasions of all time came about in Exeter, New Hampshire. As with the Hill incident, this used to be additionally was a 1966 bestseller via John G. Fuller, referred to as Incident at Exeter. Fuller reviews {that a} policeman patrolling Route 101 simply after nighttime stopped to test on a girl parked beside the street. The breathless lady claimed {that a} flying object with pink flashing lighting were chasing her. A few hours later, an 18-year-old guy arrived on the Exeter police station and claimed that whilst hitchhiking alongside Route 150, he’d observed a line of 5 vibrant lighting over a area about 100 toes from the place he stood. He mentioned the lighting moved out over a big box and disappeared and reappeared in the back of the tree line a number of occasions. After riding to the website online with the younger guy, the similar policeman witnessed the lighting, as did any other officer who arrived a short while later. Over the weeks that adopted, government won about 60 reviews of UFO sightings close to Exeter. Debunkers have claimed that the described gentle patterns would fit the ones on an Air Force KC-97 refueling aircraft, however formally the Exeter sightings stay a thriller.

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Details from two of the seven “flying saucer” footage snapped via Harold Trudell close to his house in Rhode Island in 1967.

Harold Trudel

Harold Trudel (1967)

At noon on June 10, 1967, Harold Trudel pulled to the facet of West Wrentham Road close to East Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The 29-year-old guy apparently had observed unidentified gadgets in the world prior to, and on at the present time he used to be made up our minds to file them. According to his account, he didn’t have to attend lengthy, as a steel, dome-shaped object quickly approached. As the UFO hovered over the ability strains, Trudel snapped footage for approximately 5 mins. He captured seven pictures, which might develop into some of essentially the most iconic UFO footage of their day (however which certain glance a bit of hokey now).

Allagash Abductions (1976)

In August 1976, in line with their very own accounts, 4 Massachusetts school scholars went canoeing on Maine’s Allagash Wilderness Waterway and noticed an unidentified object in the sky. They described the sighting to a ranger the following day however weren’t taken critically: It used to be prompt, in truth, that that they had observed a searchlight that used to be getting used to have a good time the grand opening of a ironmongery shop in Millinocket. The scholars endured their go back and forth and didn’t communicate a lot about their come across till years later, when one of them, Jim Weiner, began having seizures. Weiner claimed to have had visions of humanoid beings levitating above his mattress, poking him with needles. Under hypnosis, all 4 males described small grey extraterrestrial beings taking them aboard a spacecraft and appearing clinical examinations on them. The 1993 e book The Allagash Abductions made temporary media darlings out of the quartet, who seemed on The Joan Rivers Show and Unsolved Mysteries. In 2016, on the other hand, one of the boys, Charlie Rak, mentioned that despite the fact that the gang in point of fact did see unidentified flying gadgets two times throughout their canoe go back and forth, the remaining of the tale were made up. His former pals dispute this.

Richard Etting

Randy Etting captured this symbol of lighting above Newtown, Connecticut, in 1987.

Randy Etting

Newtown Lights (1987)

On May 26, 1987, industrial airline pilot Randy Etting took a midnight stroll close to his house in Newtown, Connecticut. He frequently studied the skies when he walked, looking to establish passing planes. At round 9:45, he seen some orange and pink lighting drawing near from the west. He were given his binoculars and referred to as his neighbors to come back out of doors. Etting mentioned that because the UFO handed over Interstate 84, vehicles pulled over to look at. And certainly, between 9:30 and 10:15 P.M., greater than 200 folks phoned police to file a UFO. The object displayed a semicircular trend of very vibrant multicolored lighting. Several drivers reported that their vehicles had misplaced energy because the lighting handed via. About 15 mins later, calls began coming in from New Milford, about 14 miles north, alerting government that the lighting — reported via many to be hooked up to an object “better than a soccer box” — have been soaring there. The lighting in the end vanished, however the thriller stays.

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