Ancient Aliens – Coral Castle Code & Moving Megaliths

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YouTube’s AlienScientist aka Physicist Jeremy Rys puts a rational common sense mind to the Ancient Alien idea being promoted by the History Channel program Ancient Aliens.
As a scientist Jeremy can’t find enough evidence to support the ideas promoted by the Ancient Alien proponents.
It is not that it isn’t possible Aliens have visited us in the past or even presently. It is just that there isn’t enough evidence to support the outrageous claims of the Ancient Alien perspective.
In fact the Ancient Alien proponents take the point of view that if we can’t figure out how our ancient ancestors built something than it must have been built by Ancient Aliens.
Jeremy is reminded of what happened with the primitive cultures on the remote islands that we used during WWII as bases to attack Japan. We came to these islands in silver air ships with food in metal cans and a hole lot of unfamiliar technology to these people. When we left the indigenous cultures constructed elaborate bamboo images of planes and other equipment the allied forces used while on their islands thinking that must be how we did it. They constructed what we did within their own paradigm.
Any lessons that we have learned about not disturbing primitive cultures over the years any civilization visiting us would have to have learned these lessons a long time ago. They would have to be at least intelligent enough not to interfere with our primitive societies and certainly technologically advanced enough to hide themselves.
So, Jeremy’s assessment of the Ancient Alien promoters is that they have no idea what they are talking about!
I tend to agree!
Key Takeaways: Eric Vondagan wrote a book called cherry of god which started the whole ancient alien theory. Aliens built pyramids because it was not enough slave labor available to heat, cut, and stack blocks. If aliens built pyramids then we don’t have to ever figure out how they stacked those massive stones.
“Today I wanted to talk about the ancient aliens theory.”
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