Antarctica Riddles—What Mainstream Science is Trying To Hide [EP1]

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The Antarctic is a large landmass, about two times the dimensions of Australia buried beneath a miles-thick coat of ice, with reasonable temperatures of -55 levels Celsius, totally uninhabited, and with very scarce flora and fauna.

At first, it sort of feels that this barren, desolate land may just cling no hobby to the arena, however in fact there are lots of events serious about what Antarctica has to supply.

But, the character of those sights is slightly unique and saved beneath a strict veil of secrecy. In truth, if any person held some hobby on this southernmost continent, it might most probably be as a result of some of the international’s best-preserved secrets and techniques is saved buried beneath there.

Unlike the Arctic area, which is composed of a sequence of islands scattered throughout an ice cap above the Arctic Ocean, Antarctica is a veritable continent with icy mountains and land bureaucracy buried underneath kilometers of frozen water.

For trendy guy, Antarctica is a rather novel land. The exact landmass have been found out in 1911 by way of the Norwegians. Twelve states had additional asembled expeditions that got here again with rewarding effects.

The Antarctic Treaty from 1959 had all at once put a cling to any exploitations that have been about to happen within the area, and all at once Antarctica was once declared a secure heaven.

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It was once one thing that they’d encountered there that made them act within the detriment of in their nationwide hobby, making an allowance for {that a} reservoire of untouched herbal assets was once mendacity about.

The preliminary treaty have been signed by way of twelve states that have been prior to now lively within the Antarctic right through the International Geophysical Year, amongst them reminding the USA, the Soviet Union, Japan, Norway, the United Kingdom, Argentina and France.

Since then, the events have coined a actually uninteresting and tedious symbol of this unexplored continent.

First medical expeditions from the 90s returned with proof appearing that Antarctica had as soon as been a tropical paradise. But, in keeping with trendy students, that was once round 14 million years in the past, and on most sensible of that, they’ve no clue how the ice took place.

And this is the place we will first scent the cover-up. Not way back, two historic maps of Antarctica have been found out, each appearing the continent with out its large ice sheet. The Orontius Finaeus is any such paperwork. It footage Antarctica whilst ice-free, with land bureaucracy comparable to mountain levels, valleys and rivers.

What’s attention-grabbing is that, previous to the Chinese detailed radar survey from 2005, scientists knew extra in regards to the geography of the Martian floor than of the Earth’s personal South Pole.

When evaluating the detailed survey to the Orontius Finaeus map, all of it matched nearly completely. The mountains have been there, the valleys, and the form of Antarctica was once additionally accordingly.

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Antarctica area from the Orontius Finaeus map.

And thus the next questions have arisen: Could Antarctica were a tropical paradise a lot previous than what mainstream students have steered? Were people mounting expeditions to this land when it have been heat and had supported lifestyles?

If so, than there is a nice discrepancy between the timeline introduced by way of scientists and the real truth. Based at the aforementioned maps, however no longer restricted to that, the Antarctic area will have been a hospitable position no longer thousands and thousands, however slightly tens of hundreds, if no longer hundreds of years in the past.

Is there a pole shift lacking from this equation? An excellent cataclysm that had induced the cooling mechanism of Antarctica? Or slightly an enormous anomaly that is been resting underneath the ice for ages, preserving the continent frozen for some unknown and in point of fact bewildering reason why?

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