Are mudfossils giant Nephilim remains?

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If you have not heard of mudfossils then you have not dug down deep enough into neo-pop research about Nephilim and whatever “giants” is supposed to mean.

Mudfossils is a styled catch-all term (since mud does not fossilize) for what is claimed to be the bodies of “giants,” sometimes specified to be Nephilim.

As you can see, it is literally a “catch-all” term for a mish-mash of various phenomena.

The phenomena ranges from hoax photos, to carvings, to rotating photos of mountain ranges vertically, to photos of continents and other land masses, etc. but are any of them actual fossils?
Well, as far as I know: none have yielded soft tissue, DNA, bones, etc.

Now, I say “whatever “giants” is supposed to mean because some people employ that vague, generic, and subjective term to mean a few inches, one foot or various entire body lengths taller than average.
Moreover, within a biblical context even though the English term “giants” is not biblical, it can (due to certain versions) refer to Nephilim or Rephaim and rarely gibborim.
Thus, a best practice is to never discuss “giant” without getting a definition of the term first—this is a basic concept that is actually applicable to any discussion about anything.

The claims is that gigantically ginormous giant (which are still vague, generic, and subjective terms) once roamed the Earth (and some still might—somewhere abouts). But when asked for evidence, the only thing we get is hoaxed photos and vague claims about that the Smithsonian somehow manages to swoop in, scoop up all such evidence and hide it away in the Vatican’s vaults—or what have you (yes, I have a whole chapter on the Smithsonian issue in my book What Does the Bible Say About Giants and Nephilim? A Styled Giantology and Nephilology).

When it comes to Nephilim we have two verses in the Bible that refer to them, only one of which is reliable (Genesis 6:4) since the other (Numbers 13:33) is stated by 1) unfaithful/disloyal spies who 2) were said to present an evil/bad report 3) for which they were rebuked, 4) wherein they made three claims about which the whole rest of the Bible knows nothing, 5) who contradicted Moses, Caleb, Joshua and God, 6) and who after supposedly seeing beings who made them look like grasshoppers in comparison, get back to camp and the first thing they say is, “Hey, check out this fruit!”
We also have later dated apocryphal folklore which claims they were preposterously large, so large they could actually never grow that large, could not calorically sustain themselves, would shatter their bones just trying to walk etc. (yes, I cover this in my book as well).

Due to utter lack of evidence of “giants,” alleged Nephilim or not, appeal is being made to mudfossils.

Besides the hoaxes (photo-shop, etc.) this seems to merely come down to pareidolia and simulacrum of the Rorschach test variety. In other words, we humans are pattern seekers and so we often see patterns where there none.
For example, some if not most of the photos of natural phenomena—mountain ranges, rocks, etc.—would no longer seem to be humanoid if one where to simply take the photo from a slightly different angel: and if someone where to take the photo from a slightly different angel they would not post it as a mudfossil since it would no longer look like one.

Thus, it seems to be a case of nothing to see here but much ado about nothing.

See the following for examples of pareidolia and simulacrum of the Rorschach test variety.

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