Are The Strange Dogu Figurines Depictions Of Ancient Astronauts?

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Are The Strange Dogu Figurines Depictions Of Ancient Astronauts?

Are The Strange Dogu Figurines Depictions Of Ancient Astronauts?

The so-called Dogu are reasonably little humanoid figures made at the end of the Jōmon duration (14,000-400 BC) in Japan. The curious figurines have a variety of weird qualities that make them a few of the most distinct pieces of ancient art on the surface area of the world.

Exactly What do the Dogu have that makes them so strange?

Well, if you take a look at them, they kinda ’ look like some sort of humanoid using a match? Possibly a spacesuit? The figurines are illustrated with helmets or safety glasses. They are likewise illustrated having oddly shaped ‘ lengthened ’ heads, and a few of them have actually almond shaped eyes. The eyes are almost constantly illustrated disproportionally in relation to the body.

The most fascinating part maybe is that the Dogu Figurines are suggested to represent the ‘ Gods ’.

px Dogu Miyagi  BCE  BCE
Dogū, Ebisuda Website in Tajiri, Miyagi Prefecture, 1000–400 BC. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Another fascinating reality is that the Dogu figurines are thought to be special to the Jōmon duration and vanished in the next historic duration, the Yayoi duration.

Concerning the Jomon ceramics, the Dogu have a number of designs depending upon the location and kind of associated exhumation. Inning accordance with the National Museum of Japanese History, scientists have actually recuperated around 15,000 Dogu figurines up until now. The majority of the Dogu have actually been discovered in eastern Japan and it is uncommon to discover any in the west of the nation.

Regardless of the reality that the figurines were connected with the Gods, the precise function of the Dogu is not yet clear, however more than likely the Dogu imitated the effigy of individuals manifesting some sort of magic or shamanic functions. As kept in mind by Timothy Insoll, author of the book “-LRB- ******) The brand-new hakodate jomon culture center, minamikayabe, Japan ” it might have been thought that diseases might be moved into the Dogu, then damaged, clearing the health problem, or other bad luck.

Gods or Ancient Astronauts?

Well, what ’ s the distinction, right?

Ancient Astronaut theorists provide fascinating descriptions. Some authors think that these figurines represent transcendent visitors, extraterrestrial beings that pertained to Earth countless years earlier.

The Dogu figurines appear humanoid however are definitely anything however human. The strange ‘ match ’ that a few of these figures appear to use, helmets, and exactly what some refer to as safety glasses are simply few of the qualities not familiar with that duration in human history. This raises a couple of fascinating concerns: Did the ancient artists see beings that looked like the Dogu? Or are the strange figures the outcome of ancient humanity ’ s creativity?

Provided the enigmatic nature and strange qualities of the figurines, the Dogu have actually been part in various questionable theories. As kept in mind by popular scientist and very popular author Erich von Däniken, the Dogu (referred in the text as the “ Japanese statue of Tokomai ”-RRB- “ … have modern-day attachments and eye apertures on their helmets ”, an attribution made in the last chapter of his 1968 book Chariots of the Gods?


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