Convoy of Three Bright Spheres and a Stealth Triangular UFO [Possibly TR-3B] Filmed Over Australia

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You can call it a day after you have filmed a bizarre triangular UFO on the night sky, but if you’re persistent enough, you might just catch it coming back accompanied by three spheres aligned in formation.

Being a UFO hunter these days is almost as exciting as being an archaeologist on Mars. With proper equipment and a drop of patience, one can discover a plethora of odd sightings both in the night sky and during the day.

It is understood by now that UFOs can take different shapes, colors and sizes and their origins may vary from earthly to otherworldly. Some of them are seen with a naked eye, while others require full spectrum cameras and a beyond-the-average zoom.

While most UFO enthusiasts would be pleased only with flickering their flashlights on the night sky to eventually lure a UFO (I’m not saying this doesn’t work), others more obsessed with finding what’s going on will invest in equipment, a thing we all should do in the future because it yields ripe results.

UFO Lou of YouTube has done it again when he recorded another high altitude triangular UFO with covert lighting. You might think that such sightings are plentiful and can be explained by secret military toys, but you might need to reconsider this time. Reason? The stealth UFO returns with an escort of three spheres flying in formation.

Jaw-dropping, right? Upon its return, the triangular UFO is flying at twice the speed and is followed by three bright spheres aligned in formation. So, what could those objects be? Before jumping to any unwitting conclusions, let’s analyze the earthen possibilities.

The three bright sphere’s do not flicker, they maintain a constant glow and are flying in a perfect triangular formation. They can easily pass as satellites flying in either low Earth orbit (180 – 2,000 km), or middle Earth orbit (anywhere between 2,000 and 35,000 km). But these satellites are bizarre to say the least, they maintains speed, formation, and follow a speeding stealth craft that can barely be noticed.

One of the possible scenarios is suggested by UFO Lou. He believes the 3 bright spheres to be the classified NOSS Satellite Formation, NOSS standing for Naval Ocean Surveillance System. A third generation of such satellites are indeed operating in Earth’s orbit, but sources state these satellites are dim to the unaided eye, although on several occasions they may bright sufficiently in the night sky. Was it UFO Lou’s lucky day? Or maybe the spheres are something else?

Nevertheless, the most important piece of this puzzle is the intricate triangle UFO. It’s barely visible and its speed is varying, going from moderate to fast. It must be flying at a really high altitude to not be able to track its features, possibly middle Earth orbit or even higher. So what kind of earthly craft is capable of achieving space flight above LEO at an extreme speed, while also executing full turns?

This could be the notorious TR-3A Black Mantra – a spy plane designed using reverse engineering of alien technology that can fly into space. Although there are no official documents to confirm its existence, people in search of the truth claim that such a craft was used in the Gulf War to guide F-117A Nighthawk bombers, and as you can see, this mysterious UFO is also involved in an escort mission. However, it’s size and capabilities point out at a the newer TR-3B model.

Who or what is piloting TR-3B remains an enigma. Why the three alleged satellites require an escort so far in space is yet another mystery. Relying on speculation, it could be that the world governments have a secret space program that has been expanding considerably over the past years thanks to funds delivered through ‘black budget’ funnels.

A space race with military and alien technology combined may already be a reality. That would explain why the three bright spheres were in need of security. Rumors about WWIII happening in space might prove to be true after all, but until that day arrives, we can only rely on our own analysis and ideas.

This amazing catch further ads to the puzzle that’s being slowly but steadily completed by those who are aware of this concealed reality. More evidence of triangular stealth UFOs can be found HERE. More thoughts on this are welcome.

The video below offers CGI examples of the TR-3B Astra, but also some authentic footage.

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