Don’t Call It Obsession

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Left or proper… make a selection.



I digress to look at—do not name it obsession—I’ve few regrets, and I make few concessions… however I’m leery of the ones—unconstrained and opposite—who cover in a blind, then outline… arbitrary.

These are males out of your shadows that you do not know to worry. Their lives are a secret; they have the reins, transparent? Wielding keys to the dominion … no concessions to guilt; they are the *guy*, perceive, and those *personal* what you may have constructed!

Twhats up obfuscate due procedure, put “equity” at the run, they usually “know” our jurisprudence because the approach to make use of a “gun.” They’re visitors police officers for unhealthy guys—they deal with that “established order.” They have written all of the regulations for his or her comfort… …do not you know?

Twhats up write the regulations to desire handiest techniques they might make their name, so we discover regulations written, it appears that evidently, announcing not anything a lot in any respect. Justice is phantasm for the mass’s rank and record—sneers their patronizing message rather dripping smirking guile!

See, Ford now sits, sedated, in a washed-out, pink-walled room. A sufferer of indifference, he is remanded and entombed. He’s dwelling in a hell on Earth for individuals who want him quiet. They say that he is a killer, good friend, however do not consider; decry it!

It’s true John Ford requested questions. It’s true that he would write. It’s true that he were given up your nostril; it is true he’d “battle the battle”! He made the hardest queries, and he squeezed the “tale” shut, so info don’t seem to be transparent on why the *guy* has were given him mal-disposed!

Near incommunicado… if he “speaks” he is slightly heard; this guy is in a silenced cage—the “guy’s” captive silenced hen.

It’s true he is also to blame of this factor they have got stated he is completed… however I’d lay you odds it is bat-squeeze, good friend, and I’d wager the summer time solar!


Maybe any person in our tres-honorable group can give an explanation for why that self-same group is so ominously quiet with regards to John Ford. No?

Do you assume he is to blame? Really? …How? Why? When? Where? If the minimally particular person tries to fill in those gaping holes of alleged guilt? It does not occur… verily reader! It simply does not occur! The suspect “guy’s” strident admonitions with reference to Ford’s guilt… dissolve like a night-fog within the gentle of summer time’s solar

Moreover, the info of the Ford case don’t strike you, Sir and Madam, as ridiculously contrived and smolderingly handy for recognized criminals with lengthy traditions of systemic corruption? True sufficient, those had been Ford’s opposition.  Official Criminals and Miscreants in a New York county well-known for respectable criminals and miscreants!  Such is Suffolk County. Look it up.

You do not assume Ford were given up to now up any person’s tough nostril that they surgically got rid of him to a spot the place they might casually however inevitably, after which completelydiscredit him or, in different phrases, snuff him out like a guttering candle with out killing him? Their method used to be worse.

…You’re subsequent, good friend, or pal-ette! Search your center; do not take my phrase for it. I say true. Even if you are a just right Nazi; there is not any truthful play with that lot. There is handiest “susceptible” and “robust.”

Throw me a bone of shock if, abruptly, I change into quiet, reader… appreciating, properly, the reverence to which I would no longer be held. John Ford is in demonstrably worse straights… continued now for properly over 2 a long time…

Know this: I really like existence; I’m having a ball; melancholy and failure as causes for my *alleged* suicide…? They can be utterly ludicrous.

The similar applies if I’m accused of hanging radium in an imagined adversary’s leisure enema bag or if I finally end up on Pee-pee Dondi’s puddin’ & pie’s, very punitively prosecuted, “…no fly…” listing!

Know that John Ford loves his personal existence, as I do mine, someway believing nonetheless that he’s going to be vindicated… You can listen that during his voice… More on that later.

If I change into quiet? Begin to marvel; start to be extra afraid. But, get mad … now. It’s time.

Write some letters, make some noise, communicate to pals… …keep throughout the confines of our *regulations* and *charter*, as needless as that advise seems to be… …at this time.  Read from the forbidden index.  It writes factually the place opposition handiest insults its, beautiful sterling, astonishingly and mockingly, persona.  We all know what THAT approach…

Consider… enjoying via the foundations did not appear to supply John Ford any coverage. Real irony there.

Verily, Ford stood exponentially taller as an blameless grassroots American than have his prosecuting persecutors! His persecutors are scurvy knaves and psychopathic cads. They are, one starts to find, irresponsibly wealthy and injudiciously loose after committing egregious crimes. Ford rots in order that this felony rabble can breath… …unconstrained… non-restricted, and properly off their well-appointed knees!

Nothing is secure from the tough arbitrary when he perceives a wish to succeed in out and weigh down you favor a malicious program in a little of dirty tissue. Search your center.  You concur. Power corrupts completely, at all times. 

Oh—via the best way because the crow flies? I realized a odd gentle low at the jap horizon one predawn morning. 

It traversed a soundless unmarried line flying due north, jet speedy, off the standard airway (recall that I used to be a grasp army aviator of 23 years). It flashed like a vibrant white strobe-light, however in a random type, even though I noticed it flash, as soon as, a vibrant bluish RED strobe, then again to random frequency white. It seemed to jerk from side to side in a thumb’s thickness because it traversed this unmarried line, even accounting for false auto-kinetic actions, atmospheric refraction, or optical physiologies.

After traversing this unmarried line for approximately forty-five levels in my box of view? The gentle, inexplicably, blinked out…

There had been different revelations, reader… It’s all a question of putting in place time staring at the sky and doing a bit of the previous non-imaginational heavy lifting… you realize?

Yeah. On my honor as a deacon in my very own church of “It Ain’t What You Think…”, the similar as any elected, pointedly non-installed President, relied on good friend, venerated relative, Principal, or holy particular person?  Well, possibly no longer holy…

Read “peculiar”? Yeah, that is proper. I am …who I’m… announcing what I see while you are seeing what I say… …like such a lot of, many others as overproduced, overexposed, or even overweening as I’m noticed to be via some… meh.

Yeah yeah yeah… I listen the inner discussion.  Restore John Ford!  Then we will communicate.

Read on.

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