Are erupting volcanoes summoning UFOs? [Video]

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A particularly high number of UFOs were see or recorded near erupting volcanoes. Let’s see what their purpose around these lava-spitting mountains might be.

Volcanoes attract unidentified flying objects like honey attracts insects. Numerous recordings of such devices were caught on live cameras that monitor these sleeping mountains. What makes this information extremely interesting is the fact that only a flying device with an advanced protection system could survive the hellish conditions around an erupting volcano.

At present, there may be no man-made craft capable of getting near an eruption, thus excluding scenarios such as helicopters, drones, skydivers or birds,. To better understand what I’m talking about, let’s watch this raw footage recorded the day Mount Shindake from Japan spat out a serious flux of lava and toxic gases.

Notice there’s a UFO entering the scene from the left at about 0:35, just below the cloud in the middle section of the screen. The object leaves a visible trail behind as it dashes through towards the right of the screen. Full screen is advised.

In case you’ve seen the little bugger, you probably wonder what it could be. My first thought was a bird that’s passing somehow closer in relation to the camera, but then I realized that birds usually travel in flocks and don’t leave a trail of smoke behind, not to mention the tremendous speed at which it traverses from one corner to the other (precisely 21 seconds.)

It appears that what we see in the video is indeed a craft of unknown origins. Then comes the question, what could it be doing so close to the erupting giant?

A prime hypothesis would be that UFOs are attracted to huge outbursts of energy. We’ve seen satellite images of bizarre objects stop on top of lightning storms, near tornadoes, but also near other active volcanoes. Nuclear tests that had been conducted for almost five decades by the world superpowers could be another reason why UFOs appear. In any case, they seem to possess a fine sense when it comes to huge sources of energy. So, do they come to harvest this energy, or rather inspect if humans are once again using the destructive atomic power?

The second hypothesis revolves around the idea of mystical realms from within the Earth such as Shambhala or Agartha. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the inner Earth theory which describes an inner civilization and a central Sun encapsulated within the Earth. Portals leading to this fabled realm are believed to exist in secluded locations throughout the globe, and the crater of an erupting volcano might be one of those places. Just think about it, humans with lesser technology will never be able to endure such overwhelming forces inside an erupting volcano, thus providing exclusive access only to otherworldly visitors or advanced intraterrestrials with proper gear.

For now, we can only speculate, but evidence is mounting up year after year. With 2017 at bay, we can only hope for plenty of authentic footage of UFOs, be it near volcanoes or any other places.

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