The Riddle Thickens—Evidence Suggests That Fallen Angels From The Book of Enoch Were Confined in Antarctica

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The fresh gravity anomaly from the Wilkes Land area, along with a number of cryptic passages from the forbidden Book of Enoch, have coined the theory of corrupt angels shackled underneath the thick layer of Antarctic ice, nonetheless alive and looking ahead to their redemption hour.

A once-tropical paradise, Antarctica is now coated by way of an enormous ice sheet spanning 98% of its floor. Since it have been rediscovered in 1911, this southernmost landmass turned into a topic of intrigue international, with international’s superpowers appearing an remarkable want to keep this desolate land.

One yr after the Chinese detailed mapping of the area in 2005, NASA scientists introduced their satellites had detected an enormous electromagnetic anomaly buried underneath the frozen coat of ice.

Preserved below the Wilkes Land Antarctic area, the “gravity anomaly” as it’s been dubbed, stretches for roughly 151 miles underneath the ice, and has a intensity of about (2,800 toes) 848 meters. So a ways, the most efficient medical speculation that has been put ahead is {that a} colossal object, almost certainly a meteorite two times the scale of the one who had wiped the dinosaurs tens of millions of years in the past is sitting in the center of a 300-miles-wide affect crater.

wilkes land anomaly vpnp
This illustration of satellite tv for pc knowledge presentations the unusual anomaly underneath Wilkes Land

This is to mention a daring and tough to end up thought, but it is sufficient to convenience the ones searching for the most efficient medical rationalization. For the ones of you no longer depending on NASA for a instantly solution, we now have a unique tale to inform, a significant tale that have been evaded us for tens of millions of years. Here’s what they don’t need us to grasp:

This yr on March 14, an intricate article used to be printed by way of Israeli News Live entitled “The Fallen Angels Imprisoned in Antarctica and are nonetheless Alive.” Commentator Steven Ben-Nun shared some intriguing passages from the forbidden Book of Enoch which, consider it or no longer, subtly refers to Antarctica because the land the place the Fallen Angels have been imprisoned by way of God in far off instances.

Enoch used to be the good nice grandfather of Noah, the 7th technology of people after Adam. He performed an middleman function between the “Fallen Angels” that had rebelled in opposition to “the Lord,” and the “Righteous Angels” who served and did the Creator’s bidding.

Angels totaling 200 descended from the heavens and took ladies of their opting for, interbreeding with them, thus giving beginning to a race of massive humanoids referred to as the Nephilim. The corrupted angels additional taught humanity more than a few methods and crafts, and shortly the earth turned into reddened from the blood of its creatures. War broke free, and the herbal order of issues got here to an finish.

And Azâzêl taught males to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made recognized to them the metals of the earth and the artwork of operating them, and bracelets, and adorns, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and a wide variety of pricey stones, and all coloring tinctures. And there arose a lot godlessness, they usually dedicated fornication, they usually had been led off track, and turned into corrupt in all their techniques.

Semjâzâ taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, ‘Armârôs the resolving of enchantments, Barâqîjâl (taught) astrology, Kôkabêl the constellations, Êzêqêêl the data of the clouds, Araqiêl the indicators of the earth, Shamsiêl the indicators of the solar, and Sariêl the direction of the moon. And as males perished, they cried, and their cry went as much as heaven…” (supply)

This episode in human historical past culminated with a heavenly struggle. Righteous angels fought in opposition to the corrupted ones, and the latter had been defeated. As punishment, “the Lord” had solid them away in Tartarus, and there may be reason why to consider this jail is positioned someplace in Antarctica.

Due to the a success function Enoch performed in this battle, along with his untainted nature, the Creator spared him of his earthly dying and took him immediately into the heavens to witness the approaching occasions. Enoch’s phrases are very suggestive, hinting at Antarctica because the spot the place the corrupt angels had been confined.

18.5 And I noticed the winds at the Earth which helps the clouds and I noticed the trails of the Angels. I noticed on the finish of the Earth; the firmament of heaven above.

18.6 And I went in opposition to the south, and it used to be burning day and night time, the place there have been seven mountains of valuable stones, 3 in opposition to the east and 3 in opposition to the south.

pyramids antarctica ckyt
This riddle is really beginning to take form.

18.7 And the ones in opposition to the east had been of coloured stone, and one used to be of pearl, and one of therapeutic stone; and the ones in opposition to the south, of pink stone.

18.8 And the center one reached to Heaven, just like the throne of the Lord, of stibium, and the highest of the throne used to be of sapphire.

The 2nd passage describes Enoch’s adventure south, the place he witnessed a curious phenomenon the place “[the Sky] used to be burning day and night time.” This might be interpreted because the Southern Hemisphere summer time in Antarctica, when there may be sunlight for 24 hours.

The burning sky phenomenon refers back to the Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights, that are visual from prime southern latitudes in Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentine.

Regarding the seven mountains, Mt Vinson qualifies because the central mountain described by way of Enoch, as it’s the perfect in Antarctica. It does certainly have six different adjoining peaks, however they do not fit the alignment depicted until we shift Earth’s axis of rotation.

The pole shift speculation speaks of fast shifts in the relative positions of the modern day geographic places of the poles and the axis of rotation of the Earth, thus triggering calamities corresponding to floods and tectonic occasions.

According to the analysis carried out by way of Sir Charles Hapgood, such brisk adjustments had been a not unusual prevalence in Earth’s historical past, and proposes that the ultimate pole shift had came about about 11,000 years in the past, on the finish of the ultimate ice age.

earth pole shift uewqkn

Was this the time when the biblical deluge came about? Was Antarctica reworked from a liveable land right into a frozen inhospitable wilderness of ice because of this of the pole shift? Were the corrupt angels imprisoned on the summit of the long-lasting Mt. Vinson in the Antarctic Sentinel Range? Or perhaps the place the Wilkes Land anomaly is positioned?

It remains to be unclear according to the above clues, however dots are slowly becoming a member of. The places of the above discussed websites do not overlap, however they each provide a veritable riddle looking ahead to to be solved. From what we all know from the Book of Enoch, the angels are nonetheless alive, suffering somewhere underground till the time of their redemption.

[The Book of Enoch further reads]

18.14 And like a spirit wondering me, the Angel stated: “This is where of the top of Heaven and Earth; that is the jail for the Stars of Heaven and the Host of Heaven.

18.15 And the celebs which roll over the hearth, those are those which transgressed the command of the Lord, from the start of their emerging, as a result of they didn’t pop out at their right kind instances.

18.16 And He used to be offended with them, and sure them till the time of the consummation of their sin, in the Year of Mystery.”

With this ultimate passage in thoughts, it might be that Antarctica’s riddles are too complicated to spread, and are as a substitute looking ahead to this thriller yr to reach. Its frozen prisoners shall go back to this land to clean their sins in the struggle with the evil this is to return.


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