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Pushing back the boundaries:

The Oldest Bread


The oldest known hard cheese discovered in the tomb of Ptahmes, the mayor of Memphis in 1300 BC

The compelling new theory that prehistoric coastal mass graves may be from the aftermath of tsunamis.

Analysis of hydrogen isotopes in ancient cooking pots reveals how our Neolithic ancestors adapted to climate change.

Megaliths around the world

Megaliths of Mizoram, India

From Gobekli Tepi and Catalhoyuk in Turkey to Carrowmoreand Newgrange in Ireland. From Dolmens in South Korea to the megaliths at Vangchhia in India, the culture of stone building spread across the globe. We explore a few ideas on how the culture may have spread.

Stonehead of the Month

The September Stonehead is Andy Burnham, founder of the Megalithic Portal

Not just for his astonishing dedication to the wonderful resource at The Megalithic Portal, but this month it is a timely heads up for his new book, The Old Stones, published by Watkins Media


Clonehenge, the delightfully dotty yet profoundly fascinating blog which catalogues Stonehenge replicas around the world. Whether made from stones, Lego bricks or even cake, Clonehenge seeks to list them all.


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Welcome to the Standing with Stones podcast episode number 6!

Rupert & Michael travel the world from Gobekli Tepe to Co. Sligo and back in a wide ranging discussion about what we know of megaliths in the wider world and what we can begin to understand from the stones of distant lands.

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