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December 1, 2018 https://www.earthancients.com/?portfolio=mike-bara-ancient-aliens-jfk-and-the-mission-to-mars

Mike Bara, house knowledgeable and writer of Ancient Aliens on the Moon, takes a difficult take a look at the Kennedy assassination and the race to the Moon. Bara will read about never-before-revealed clues to the actual causes in the back of the Kennedy assassination, the actual targets of the Apollo program and the shadow govt hidden agendas that resulted in Kennedy’s dying in Dallas. Relying on never-before-seen paperwork culled from the hot Kennedy assassination papers record unload, Bara will display the name of the game connections between key assassination figures like Lee Harvey Oswald, Lyndon Johnson, and extremely positioned figures inside of NASA who had causes to wish Kennedy useless. Available right here: https://amzn.to/2C6tp5O

Bara additionally appears to be like into the odd billion-dollar Treasury bonds that Japanese businessmen tried to deposit in a Swiss financial institution which had footage of Kennedy and the Moon on them. Is the wealth of the Moon getting used as collateral via the United States? The e-book will dig deeply into Kennedy’s silent battle with shadowy Deep State figures who had been determined to close down his Disclosure schedule. Finally, Bara will read about the reality in the back of the Apollo missions via taking a look at fresh revelations like Project Horizon, “Apollo 20,” and rumors that the landings themselves had been faked.

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