NASA Turns a Blind Eye to Six UFOs Sneaking Past the International Space Station

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NASA six UFO ISS iyhlqu

A squad of six UFOs were seen creeping past the ISS when live feed was on, and soon after NASA cut the transmission.

Lots of things are happening in space, and only a privileged few have the opportunity to actually see them.

Although the ISS has an up and running live stream, the footage remains censored, and whenever something out of the ordinary happens, they turn off the transmission or switch to another channel.

There’s no secret now that NASA doesn’t want us to see too much of the UFO reality, but from time to time they’re letting bread crumbs for us to feed our hunger, or maybe they are just taken by surprise by the sneaky sightings.

One would think that all the UFOs seen on live feed so far would have NASA finally on its knees admitting of this concealed reality, but they either come up with some ingenious explanation, or maintain silence until the situation heats off.

In any case, the abundance of UFO sightings near the American space station allows us to analyze the plethora of possibilities these elusive objects could be.

In one of the recent cases surprised by Streetcap1 of YouTube, six UFOs are seen passing in close proximity to the ISS. Just when viewers were expecting to see even more of them, camera’s view is switched to another channel.

Explanations offered by NASA vary between ice shards, space debris, or even meteors, but their rational explanations don’t help the fact that once again they were worrisome to let the entire footage run its course.

Analyzing the probabilities shows that the six UFOs cannot be ice shards, because they would need to be extremely large to fit into that description.

It’s hard to understand if they are meteorite, because the speed at which they travel is relatively low, and the space debris hypothesis is really convenient, but I haven’t seen any junk fly by to actually label the objects as such.

And there’s also the secrecy displayed by NASA. Why would they cut the live feed just at that particular time?

Could this be indeed a fleet of otherworldly spacecrafts? Or even military prototypes flying about? Why is NASA turning a blind eye on all these sightings? Are they trying to conceal the true reality around the ISS and space in general?

Whatever the case may be, we are free to draw our own conclusions out of this. Nevertheless, the provided footage brings more unique insight about the UFO phenomenon, and once again shows that NASA might be hiding something from the general public.

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