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Negritos, Cryptozoology, and Proto-Pygmies

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In November 2018, a chain of articles gave the impression creating a connection between ufology’s alien astronaut theories, pseudoarchaeology, and the alleged racism present on fact tv’s historic astronaut presentations.

But It’s Humans It's Aliens

The concluding ideas have been that lately’s programming used to be a type of scripting and manufacturing room theorizing that extends the perception that human ancestors have been simply no longer vibrant or inventive sufficient to were the supply of pre-fashionable pyramids and different historic technological advances. The meme tagline, “I’m no longer announcing that it used to be extraterrestrial beings, nevertheless it used to be extraterrestrial beings,” problems from such pondering.

A just right abstract assessment gave the impression in a single column:

The popularization of the speculation of alien architects as having a foundation in science fairly than consisting of handiest fictional musing may also be attributed to Swiss writer Erich von Däniken’s 1968 newsletter of the e-book Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past.


The wondering of human development initiatives in Chariots of the Gods? stays a bedrock for lots of throughout the box of pseudo-archaeology. Far from harmless, those alien theories undermine the company, archaeology, and mind of non-European cultures in Africa and South America, in addition to the Native peoples in North America through erasing their achievements.


Today, a lot of von Däniken’s theories can nonetheless be present in tv presentations like Ancient Aliens at the History ChannelSince 2009, the display has featured a mixture of most commonly white male conspiracy theorists posing damaging questions in regards to the legitimacy of human involvement in archaeological buildings. As of lately, they have got no less than begun to include exact Egyptians similar to Ramy Romany. Despite his historical past of racist perspectives, Von Däniken seems to nonetheless be a paid manufacturer at the display Ancient AliensSource.

By extension, can a re-exam of cryptozoology be finished in a similar way? Are cryptozoologists engaged in pseudo-ethnological pondering? Are cryptozoologists setting up theories in line with “others” for what appears to be ethnographic knowledge of cryptids simply from indigenous peoples? Should some idea be given to reviews of small furry hominoids (the so-known as Proto-Pygmies) as new peoples or new species, at once in line with proof to be had from parallel human small folks populations?

How have present occasions thrush us into the quicksand of re-pondering outdated ideas in those occasions of conspiracy theories?

The Killing


Shortly after the traditional extraterrestrial beings as opposed to recent archaeology debate hit social media, on November 21, 2018, information broke from South Asian cops (Indian police) that an American vacationer were killed through contributors of the Sentinelese tribe at the North Sentinel Island of India’s Andaman Islands. The Sentinelese have been described as a far off, indigenous tribe safe through India. They are stated to be proof against touch with outsiders and feature nearly no touch with the out of doors global. The Sentinelese folks at the small forested island are recognized to incessantly assault somebody who comes close to their island.

The faulty American adventurer and missionary used to be killed through the remoted Indian island tribe recognized to shoot at outsiders with bows and arrows. The American used to be known as John Allen Chau, described as 26 years outdated, from Alabama, and a graduate of Oral Roberts University.

Chau arrived within the area on October 16, 2018, and stayed in a lodge whilst he ready to consult with the prohibited island. He had previous visited the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 2015 and 2016.

North Sentinel is within the Andaman Islands on the intersection of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. Chau went ashore in his kayak on November 15, 2018, and despatched the boat with the fishermen out to sea to steer clear of detection. He interacted with one of the vital tribespeople, giving them items he had ready similar to a soccer and fish. But the tribespeople turned into indignant and shot an arrow at him which it seems that hit the Bible he used to be wearing. He made his as far back as a prearranged location. He set out once more to fulfill the tribespeople on November 16.

But at the morning of day after today, the ready fishermen noticed from a distance Chau’s frame being dragged through tribesmen. They left for Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the place they knowledgeable Chau’s buddy, who notified his circle of relatives. The executive, not able to get better his frame, formally known as off additional interactions with the Sentinelese folks on November 28, 2018.




The Sentinelese, sometimes called the Sentineli and the North Sentinel Islanders, are an indigenous folks who inhabit North Sentinel Island within the Bay of Bengal in India and are thought to be one of the most global’s ultimate uncontacted peoples. Designated a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group and a Scheduled Tribe, they belong to the wider elegance of Andamanese folks.

Along with the Great Andamanese, the Onge, the Shompen and the Jarawa, the Sentinelese are one of the most 5 local and reclusive tribes of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Unlike the others, the Sentinelese seem to have constantly refused any interplay with the out of doors global. They are opposed to outsiders and feature killed individuals who approached or landed at the island.


During the 1960s, undergraduate anthropology scholars, like myself, have been schooled at the biology and tradition of the Andaman Islanders as high examples of undisturbed “primitive peoples,” a view way back discouraged. This is without doubt one of the books that the professors would assign to learn for a fundamental anthropology route.


German anthropologist Egon von Eickstedt posed with Onge hunter-gatherers all the way through a travel to the Andaman Islands in 1928./ Haddon Library, University of Cambridge

British colonies have been first established at the Andaman Islands in 1858 and remained till 1947. Onge and Jarawa pygmies, who lived on separate islands, retreated into forests to steer clear of the British. Great Andamanese pygmies befriended the rookies.

As a consequence, Great Andamanese folks have been uncovered to infectious illnesses towards which that they had no protection, together with influenza, tuberculosis, measles and syphilis. Their approximate numbers dropped from 6,000 in 1858 to 600 in 1900. A low of 19 Great Andamanese folks used to be recorded all the way through the 1960s, however the inhabitants survives.

During past due 2018, the global information of Chau’s demise brought about knowledgeable and uninformed discussions in regards to the Sentinelese folks, recognized generically as “Negritos.”


Onge pygmy replicas in a museum situated at the shores of the Indian Ocean.


Negritos in a fishing boat (Philippines, 1899)
The History and Conquest of the Philippines and our Other Island Possessions through Alden March, 1899
Michaela Macan with Negrito workforce (Malaya, 1905)
Negritos, Cryptozoology, And Proto-Pygmies - CryptoZooNews
From Henry Neville Hutchinson, John Walter Gregory, Richard Lydekker – The dwelling races of mankind: a well-liked illustrated account of the customs (1902)
The Negrito are a number of other ethnic teams who inhabit remoted portions of Austronesia. Their present populations come with the Andamanese peoples of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Semang ethnic teams of Peninsular Malaysia, the Maniq folks of Southern Thailand, and the Aeta folks, Ati folks, and 30 different ethnic teams within the Philippines.
Negritos will have additionally lived in Formosa (Taiwan). The Negrito inhabitants shrank to the purpose that, as much as 100 years in the past, just one small workforce lived close to the Saisiyat tribe. Evidence in their former habitation is a Saisiyat pageant celebrating the black folks in a pageant known as Pas-ta’ai.
AetaThe Aeta folks of the Philippines.
More Aetas.

The phrase Negrito is the Spanish diminutive of negro, used to imply “little black individual”. This utilization used to be coined through 16th-century Spanish missionaries running within the Philippines, and used to be borrowed through different European travellers and colonialists throughout Austronesia to label quite a lot of peoples perceived as sharing quite small bodily stature and darkish pores and skin. Contemporary utilization of another Spanish epithet, Negrillos, additionally tended to package deal those peoples with the pygmy peoples of Central Africa, in line with perceived similarities in stature and complexion. (Historically, the label Negrito has every so often been used additionally to discuss with African pygmies.) The appropriateness of the usage of the label “Negrito” to package deal peoples of various ethnicities in line with similarities in stature and complexion has been challenged.

Many on-line dictionaries give the plural in English as both “Negritos” or “Negritoes”, with out choice. The plural in Spanish is “Negritos”.


Comparrison_and_differances_of_size_and_hight_between_the_Wellcome_L0034845Size comparability between Pygmies, English officials, Sudanese and Zanzibaris (1890)



In anthropology, pygmy peoples are ethnic teams whose reasonable peak is strangely quick. The time period is basically related to the African Pygmies, the hunter-gatherers of the Congo basin (comprising the Bambenga, Bambuti and Batwa). The time period “Asiatic Pygmies” has been used of the Negrito populations of Maritime Southeast Asia and different Australoid peoples of quick stature.


Ota Benga on the Bronx Zoo in 1906.


Historically, the pygmy have all the time been considered as inferior through each colonial government and the village-residing Bantu tribes. Pygmy kids have been infrequently captured all the way through the length of the Congo Free State, which exported pygmy kids to zoos all the way through Europe, together with the sector’s honest within the United States in 1907. Pygmies are incessantly evicted from their land and given the bottom paying jobs. At a state stage, Pygmies are infrequently no longer thought to be voters and are refused id playing cards, deeds to land, well being care and correct education. 

The time period pygmy is infrequently thought to be pejorative. However, there is not any unmarried time period to switch it. Many wish to be known through their ethnicity, such because the Aka (Mbenga), Baka, Mbuti, and Twa. The time period Bayaka, the plural type of the Aka/Yaka, is infrequently used within the Central African Republic to discuss with all native pygmies. Likewise, the Kongo phrase Bambenga is utilized in Congo.


Europeans (colonists) would incessantly pose with a pygmy and a person of combined genetic background.


There are no less than a dozen pygmy teams, infrequently unrelated to one another. The highest recognized are the Mbenga (Aka and Baka) of the western Congo basin, who talk Bantu and Ubangian languages; the Mbuti (Efe and so forth.) of the Ituri Rainforest, who talk Bantu and Central Sudanic languages, and the Twa of the African Great Lakes, who talk Bantu Rundi and Kiga. It is estimated that there are between 250,000 and 600,000 Pygmies dwelling within the Congo rainforest. However, even if Pygmies are regarded as woodland folks, the teams known as Twa would possibly reside in open swamp or wasteland.


 Osa Johnson with pygmies (1940).


The Taron folks of Myanmar are a phenomenal case of a “pygmy” inhabitants of East Asian phenotype.

These are the one recognized “pygmies” of obviously East Asian descent. The inhabitants of Taron pygmies has been frequently shrinking, and is now right down to just a few folks.


From the documentary, Lost Tribe of Tibetan Pygmies.Negritos

NegritosAlan Rabinowitz and Taron chief Dawi


In 2013, a hyperlink between the Taron and the Derung folks in Yunnan, China used to be exposed through Richard D. Fisher, which would possibly point out the presence of pygmy populations a number of the Derung tribe.

[There has been some focal point on “pygmies,” in regards to the motion in their standing from subspecies (as Charles Darwin mentioned all “races”) to species. See the novel article: “What if Pygmies Are a Different Species? That Might be Good for the Pygmies,” through Steve Sailer, The Unz Review, March 11, 2016.]


Proto-Pygmies are allegedly small furry hominoids, with grownup heights starting from 3 ft to 5 ft. The hair on their heads is incessantly a unique period and texture than the hair that covers the remainder of their our bodies. Faces are most often just about hair-loose, as are the fingers of the arms, the knees, and soles of the ft. The frequently noticed habitat of Proto-Pygmies is swamps, forests and beaches in tropical areas of the sector. Their tiny footprints may also be prominent from the ones of human kids for the reason that foot form is exclusive. Their faces glance elderly, historic, and distinctly non-human. Hair colours have a tendency to be black or pink.


Didi through Harry Trumbore.


Menehune through Harry Trumbore.

Both drawings from The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates through Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe (Anomalist Books).


Proto-Pygmies are recognized through the locals through names similar to alux, duende, didiorang-pendek, teh-lma, agogwe, sehite, sedapa, shiru, and menehune. All cryptid furry little folks are labeled as Proto-Pygmies. What may just Proto-Pygmies be? Most researchers have had various theories. W.C. Osman-Hill idea possibly they have been developed Homo erectus, and Bernard Heuvelmans felt that one of the vital African sorts might be relict populations of Australopithecus. Other theories abound, with Sanderson even announcing some may well be a singular subtype of our personal species, Homo sapiens.

modern-human-and-homo-floresiensis-mauricio-antonModern human when compared with the so-known as Hobbit.

Homo floresiensis (Hobbit), came upon in 2003, has been inserted into the Proto-Pygmy discussions, particularly when the local legends of the ebu-gogo are taken under consideration, referring to if its excessive hairiness seems to be true. Anthropologist Gregory Forth, Professor of Anthropology on the University of Alberta, Canada has said that “wildman” myths are prevalent in Southeast Asia and has investigated their linguistic and formality roots, speculating that H. floresiensis is also proof that the folktales of Ebu Gogo and equivalent creatures such because the Orang Pendek on Sumatra is also cultural recollections rooted if truth be told.

An article in New Scientist (June 15, 2006, Vol. 186 no. 2504. pp. 45–45) provides the next account of folklore on Flores surrounding the locals’ response to the Ebu Gogo after the little folks started stealing kids: In the 18th century, villagers gave the Ebu Gogo a present of palm fiber to make garments, and as soon as the Ebu Gogo took the fiber into their cave, the villagers threw in a firebrand to set it alight, killing all the occupants (one pair will have fled into the woodland, for sightings endured into the 19th century).

The “fireplace at a cave’s front” killing off a Proto-Pygmy inhabitants is one I’ve heard ahead of. The British explorer Hugh Nevill recorded in 1887 the Veddha tribe of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) would incessantly get in struggle with their native little folks, the Nittaewo. About Three ft (one meter) tall, the bare folks started taking the Veddha kids. The Veddha trapped the Nittaewo in a cave and blocked its front with a picket fireplace, killing the entire Nittaewo. Primatologist W. C. Osman-Hill additionally reported in this folktale in his magazine article at the Nittaewo.

The word Proto-Pygmy, in the beginning coined through Ivan T. Sanderson as Proto-Pigmies, is utilized by fashionable researchers such because the past due Mark A. Hall, Patrick Huyghe and me (Loren Coleman) to explain the smallest of the sector’s unknown hominoids. Patrick Huyghe and I formalized our ideas on Proto-Pygmies amongst native indigenous folks, who’re the most efficient assets for eyewitness observations of Proto-Pygmies. Nevertheless, Western and Eastern scientists, explorers, and filmmakers are those who convey out phrase of those hominoids.

Sanderson’s classification gadget is worthy of revisiting:
II. PROTO-PIGMIES (Orient, Africa, and perhaps Central and Northwest South America). Smaller than reasonable people, to tiny; clothed in thick black or pink fur however with differentiated head-hair that most often paperwork a mane. Go about in pairs or circle of relatives teams; cautious however inquisitive; it seems that an excessively primitive type of language; ft sub-equivalent and heels small or pointed; just right tree-climbers and swimmers; tropical forests right down to beaches and swamps; omnivorous, insect, fish, and small animal eaters plus culmination, leaves; very anxious.
(1) Dwendis, of Central America, perhaps handiest dwarf Mayas.
(2) Shiru, of Colombia, S.A.
(3) Sedapas, of Sumatra.
(4) Sehites, of West Africa.
(5) Agogwes, of East Africa.
(6) Teh-lmas, of valley forests of the Himalayas.

Writing in 1960, the Scottish American zoologist and cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson noticed that

…the Negrillos of Africa and the Negritos of the Orient, or Pigmies, as we name them, have been till lately additionally regarded as a form of offshoot of the good Negroid inventory. But they too have nearly not anything in not unusual with the actual Negroes. Apart from their tiny stature [as opposed to the exceptional tall stature of Negroids] their decrease leg is shorter than their higher, they have got reddish skins, they’re lined with a yellow down infrequently creating at the limbs into slightly thick hair; their blood kind is slightly other, and they have got many different unusual options, all of which can be slightly opposite to these of the Negroids. So are also they to these of another race—Bushman, Australoid, Caucasoid, or Mongoloid. Then there have been as soon as the Tasmanians. These appear to have been an excessive and nearly pigmy type of the Australoids and in point of fact to were nearly every other species. They are extinct.”

Even if we don’t know the place “sub-guy” ends and “guy” starts we do know that, slightly aside from delusion, legend, and folklore, there used to be as soon as [and in some cases still seems to be] a gaggle of no longer-slightly-people unfold in all places an unlimited space from Morocco to the Pacific, and from the southern border of Eurasia [which, incidentally seems to have remained the domain of the surviving Neanderthalers] to central Africa, southern Arabia, Ceylon, the East Indies, New Guinea, and the larger islands instantly past. Everywhere we cross all the way through this huge swath of the earth’s floor we discover strains of peoples so primitive that they’re variously speculated to were furry, to have had tails [a mere profligacy, as we have explained], to live in bushes, have had no correct language, be cannibals, lack fireplace or even equipment, and in most cases to be “Those who lived within the land when our ancestors first got here from …” Osman Hill has dropped at gentle some exceedingly fascinating details about this type of races known as the Nittaewo in Ceylon.

These little, most commonly Pigmy, primitives that appear as soon as to have inhabited the entire of the tropical belt of the outdated global, supply us with best suited applicants for our Proto-Pigmy Class of ABSMs—the Sehite—Agogwes of Africa, and the Sedapa—Teh-lmas of the Orient. These little ones are speculated to be in point of fact very human in lots of respects and their footprints are as human as they are able to be. The details that they’re furry and gibber don’t, as now we have noticed, essentially put them into any bestial elegance nor even out of the human. They may just simply be leftovers; the “Devil-Sakai” that may in point of fact use the bushes as highways. If there in point of fact are such Proto-Pigmies within the New World, represented through the Dwendis and the Shirus, they should have traveled across the good distance through the Bering Straits land-bridge at an early date, and turn into remoted. These two little ABSMs would surely appear to be pigmy primitives, fairly than sub-hominids and even tiny races of sub-males.  From Ivan T. Sanderson’s Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life (Philadelphia: Chilton, 1960), Chapter 16, “Our Revered Ancestors.”

Negritos, Cryptozoology, and Proto-Pygmies

Cryptozoology does no longer diminish the significance of the reviews of remoted teams of little folks. Pockets of small people would possibly give an explanation for reviews of Proto-Pygmies. Surviving relict populations of peoples some time period “Negritos” are a part of the investigations happening.

It is intriguing that one of the vital genetic analysis on small folks observe proper again to our outdated buddy, the past due oil millionaire and cryptozoology backer: Tom Slick.

A 2010 find out about through the Anthropological Survey of India and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute known seven genomes from 26 remoted “relic tribes” from the Indian mainland, such because the Baiga tribe, which percentage “two synonymous polymorphisms with the M42 haplogroup, which is particular to Australian Aborigines”. These have been explicit mtDNA mutations which are shared completely through Australian aborigines and those Indian tribes, and no different recognized human groupings. Source: Satish Kumar; Rajasekhara Reddy Ravuri; Padmaja Koneru; BP Urade; BN Sarkar; A Chandrasekar; VR Rao (22 July 2009), “Reconstructing Indian-Australian phylogenetic hyperlink”BMC Evolutionary Biology, BioMed Central, 9: 173.

According to Wikipedia:

During the 1950s, [Tom] Slick used to be an adventurer. He grew to become his consideration to expeditions to analyze the Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti, Bigfoot and the Trinity Alps large salamander. Slick’s passion in cryptozoology used to be little recognized till the 1989 newsletter of the biography Tom Slick and the Search for Yeti, through Loren Coleman. Coleman endured his find out about of Tom Slick in 2002 with Tom Slick: True Life Encounters in Cryptozoology. That e-book mentions a lot of Tom Slick’s adventures, in politics, artwork, science, and cryptozoology, together with his involvement with the CIA and Howard Hughes. Tom Slick used to be a chum of many celebrities, together with Hughes and fellow flier James Stewart. Stewart, as an example, assisted a Slick-backed expedition in smuggling a work of the Pangboche Yeti hand again to England for medical research, Loren Coleman used to be to find from Slick’s information and affirmation from Stewart ahead of his demise.

Slick based a number of analysis organizations, starting with the forerunner of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in 1941. His maximum smartly-recognized legacy is the non-benefit Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), which he based in 1947 to hunt innovative developments in generation.

Negrito ladies, Zambales, Philippine Islands. (University Museum, University of Pennsylvania)
Ivan T. Sanderson (6 toes tall) with a circle of relatives of Mayans who have been his pals – the Het Zooz-Mukuls of Tekom, Yucatan. They have been all status at the identical stage.
Please recall what Sanderson stated of the Dwendis, of Central America, that they’re “perhaps handiest dwarf Mayas.”
A re-evalution is so as. What is to turn into of the Proto-Pygmies?
Crypto-Pygmy teams would possibly end up to be that for which we’re looking, no longer Proto-Pygmies. The reported hairiness is complicated, however handiest time will inform the way it suits into the puzzle. During the 1900s when Vanuatu used to be referred to as New Hebrides, sizable pygmy tribes have been first reported all the way through northeastern Santo. There are mentions of tribes of pygmy aborigines close to Cairns, Queensland, in Peter McAllister’s Pygmonia: In seek of the name of the game land of the Pygmies. In the 1960s, a Burmese analysis expedition discovered over 50 natural-blood pygmies, the Taron in Tibet. The “Rampasasa pygmies” of Flores, Indonesia won some consideration within the early 2000s in reference to the within sight discovery of Homo floresiensis. Are there populations of cryptic little folks final to be came upon?

Negritos are extraordinarily historic, so historic that they have been the first actual folks ever to come back to South East Asia. The Malaysians even name them the orang asli – the unique folks. They got here with the primary wave of folks to depart Africa. South East Asia used to be basically Negrito 5,000 years in the past however now handiest wallet of them are left right here and there. Like the American Indians in North America.

If you have a look at folks’s mitochondrial DNA you’ll be able to no longer handiest construct a circle of relatives tree of all mankind, you’ll be able to additionally piece in combination when and the way people unfold around the earth.

Most Negritos who’ve had their DNA examined prove to have the similar mitochondrial DNA as the folk in southern India, New Guinea and Australia: haplogroup M, the primary to depart Africa. They left about 50,000 years in the past, following the coast of the Indian Ocean after which spreading inland. Source.


Among a couple of anthropologists and a few cryptozoologists, the concept is that the earliest out-of-Africa vacationers will have been little folks, lately popularly referred to as Pygmies, Negrillos, and Negritos. Cryptozoologists have filed away reviews of Proto-Pygmies for years, pondering they have been relict furry populations of small historic close to-people. Perhaps they’re people who simply wish to be left by myself.

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