South African brigadier general shoots down UFO with Greys on board, then transports the load back to the USA

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A brigadier general of the South African army revealed how he had shot down a UFO with extraterrestrial beings inside in the autumn of 1992. After this deed, he had to carry the load over to the infamous area 51.

Inspired by the courageous whistleblower Bob Lazar – the man who worked on reverse engineering ET technology at top-secret S4 facility near Area 51, a brigadier general from South Africa showed up on one of Art Bell’s podcast in 2004 to disclose even more mind-blowing stuff about extraterrestrials, UFOs and secret government organizations.

The entire event happened in 1992, the night when the general was on command duty at a secret Air Force base located somewhere out on the ocean. Although his main profession was that of a marine engineer, he was put in charge of the Air Force base because of his rank and because he was attached to the special Ops and special units of the South African army.

A brigadier general is among the lowest ranking general officer, but nevertheless a senior rank in the armed forces. When appointed to a field command, a brigadier general is in charge of a brigade. That November night, the general was responsible for anything that came and went by the Air Force base.

When two flying objects appeared on ground radar, he sent an F1 Mirage to investigate the sighting. Upon reaching the scene, the pilot saw that one of the objects changed course and decided to follow the other one. He described the craft as disk-shaped and with no visible weapons in sight. The UFO was flying at about 700 miles an hour.

The brigadier general asked the pilot of the Mirage to open fire because the UFO could put in danger the ground troops deployed in the vicinity of the base, so the pilot followed orders and aimed at it. After being hit, the unidentified craft “bounced around like a ball” from right to left until it hit the ground.

After reaching the crash site, the brigadier general noticed a circular disk-shaped object around 12 foot in diameter that was glowing in every color of the rainbow. It took five hours for it to cool down and stop illuminating, but even after this it provoked cramps when touched, similar to a bee sting.

As the morning was breaking, one of the lieutenants from ground patrol saw that the hatch had opened up. He got closer to inspect the interior and noticed that two childlike humanoids were present inside. His first remark was that “they must have been burnt because they’re grey as hell.” Since they were really close to an unsafe boarder, the brigadier general had the UFO dragged to the base using a diesel truck, while the grey beings remained inside.

After three days from the incident, the general was assigned a new mission. He had to carry the UFO together with the bizarre creatures to “where they belonged,” so a plane was made ready for him and his team to depart for the USA.

Just before takeoff, the brigadier general ordered one of the men to open up the body bags with the two beings. He then had a glance inside and saw these bizarre grey humanoids with long fingers and eyes bigger than those of any human. He than had the body bags zipped tight.

Tip of the iceberg came during the flight when one of the greys had woken up. At this point, everyone on board freaked out and one of the men knocked the creature off with the back of his gun. All the way to Washington the entire crew was really distressed. Upon landing into the US, they had the entire load moved onto a cargo jet which departed before they could. After another 50 minutes they were free to fly back home.

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