The Ancient ‘Stargate’ at Hayu Marca and the FBI Connection Attesting Inter-Dimensional Travel

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An enforcing monument from the Peruvian mountains found out simplest a few a long time in the past is thought to be the remnant of an historic and once-active stargate. These peculiar ideals are fueled each through some intricate carvings and the native legends of local folks talking of a doorway resulting in the realm in their gods. The myths have been simplest identified on a neighborhood scale till archaeologists reached the website online at Hayu Marca. According to aboriginal’s ideals, their warriors and maximum esteemed heroes ventured on a adventure to the afterlife via this very gate. On the different aspect, they’d achieve a realm of immortality the place they’d have fun their heroic deeds carried out all over their lifetime.

The alleged stargate is situated in the Hayu Marca mountainous area of southern Peru. It seems carved out of a unmarried huge boulder, with margins stretching seven meters throughout in each duration and width. Centered in this symmetrical ‘front’ is every other peculiar door-like characteristic. It’s onerous to interpret its conceivable use, however native myths characteristic the smaller front to mortal souls, whilst the broader one is considered a doorway utilized by touring deities. But is there any reality to those tales?
gate of the gods human
Mysterious “Gate of the Gods” at Hayu Marca, southern Peru

According to Jose Luis Delgado Mamanu, the native mountain climbing information accountable for finding the Hayu Marca monument, he won significant visions of this construction prior to stumbling throughout it. In this dream he had, the stone door used to be enveloped in crimson marble and a number of figures have been status in entrance of it appearing one thing like a ritual, whilst additionally gesturing at the guy to move via the doorway. The tale felt onerous to digest for the naysayers who suspected the monument have been found out through natural probability. This isn’t alternatively the opinion of Delgado. “When I noticed the construction for the first time, I virtually handed out,” he mentioned in a neighborhood newspaper interview. “I’ve dreamed of the sort of building repeteadly over the years, however in the dream, the trail to the door used to be paved with crimson marble statues that aligned on either side of the street. In the dream, I additionally noticed that the smaller door used to be open and there used to be a super blue mild coming from what seemed like a shimmering tunnel.”

The guy additionally mentioned his circle of relatives can verify the a lot of instances he advised them about his atypical goals, and when he in spite of everything reached this holy vacation spot, he understood that this used to be the paintings of God or some upper entity. The native indigenous inhabitants helps Delgado’s claims in the beginning via the identify that they had given to this house, specifically the “City of the Gods.” It’s true that no town has been unearthed at this website online to this point, however the blocks of stone from the house appear to be the remnants of constructions erected through human palms, thus shaping the thought of but every other long-forgotten civilization that had thrived on this house way back.
gate of the gods peru
Probably the legend most commonly associated with Delgado’s goals is that of an Inca priest named Amaru Muru from the Temple of the Seven Rays. He snitched the “key of the gods of the seven rays” from inside, afraid that the Spanish Conquistadores may make fast paintings of this sacred artifact. The priest then concealed in the mountains of Hayu Marca till the ruthless plunderers have been long gone, and when he in spite of everything arrived at the Gate of the Gods, he met a shaman-priest who used to be guarding the monument.

From that time ahead, a sacred ritual have been initiated having at its heart the golden disk retrieved through Amaru Muru. The doorway used to be shrouded in a blue glimmering mild and shaped a spinning tunnel of power in which the priest stepped ahead and used to be by no means to be observed once more. The golden disk used to be left on the caretaking palms of the mother or father shaman and is probably hidden from prying eyes even these days.

Archaeologists carried out a radical research of this peculiar monument and found out a tiny melancholy on the proper aspect of the doorway designed for mortal souls. This exceptional in finding gave a lot credence to the tale of the natives, because of the compartment have compatibility for a small disk.
golden disk compartiment hayu marka
‘Please insert golden disk’

Could this actual spot be the cause of this inter-dimensional doorway? Is it conceivable that unconventional constructions similar to the “Gate of the Gods” at Hayu Marca are relics originating from a long-lost and complex civilization? According to a couple investigators, it will neatly be the case.

There appears to be a putting similarity between the “Gate of the Gods” and the “Puerta Del Sol” at Tiwanaku, at the side of 5 different archaeological websites present in the neighborhood. Drawing a immediately line via those issues will lead to a cross-like image finishing at the heart plateau of Lake Titicaca, considered one of the maximum solemn puts of the house.gate of thesun
Gate of the Sun, Tiwanaku

Two holy gates with unknown which means situated in shut proximity is going past the coincidental state of affairs, to not point out the a lot of UFOs and peculiar phenomenon reported on this area. Could there be a hyperlink between those puts? Are they in reality inactive stargates, or portals connecting far-off puts in the universe, most likely different dimensions? Do different such doors exist somewhere else on Earth?

Surprisingly or no longer, the FBI has not too long ago declassified paperwork testifying that beings for different dimensions have continuously been visiting Earth. Some of those entities are from close by planets, whilst others are vacationers from other airy geographical regions that coexist with our subject matter truth. These entities have the skill to materialize in this airplane of life and seem as massive translucent figures.

With this in thoughts, is it conceivable that those beings have transited via gateways similar to the one at Hayu Marca, in addition to the Gate of the Sun at Tiwanaku, to ultimately achieve this Earth? Could a majority of these connections end up that inter-dimensional trip is greater than only a concept? What are your ideas in this?

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