The Ancient Sumerian word for ‘Physician’ is AZU, meaning ‘One Who Knows Water’

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The ancient Sumerian and Babylonian physicians were the ones who knew water!

Both, the Ancient Sumerian word, and the Ancient Babylonian word for, ‘Physician,’ are AZU and ASU respectively, meaning, ‘One Who Knows Water.’

Swirling in lovely circles, their ancient word for ‘Water’ is also AZU.

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Here we have Sumerian to English translations…

AZU – Water (one who knows water; physician)
AZU – Physician

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And here we have English to Sumerian translations…

“Physician – AZU or IAZU”
“Water (one who knows water; physician) – AZU”

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“Inskeep posits that Mesopotamian medicine was much older than the third millennium BCE because of the origin of the word asu: “That medicine was old in Babylonia is shown . . . by the fact that the Babylonian word for physician, asu, derives from the Sumerian a-zu or ia’-zu, meaning ‘the man who knows water (or oil)’; presumably relating to divination by water with the aid of the water God Ea ). Though the profession of the asu may have had even more ancient roots in the art of divination, by 3000 BCE there were relatively sophisticated medical alternatives to religious healing, as exemplified by contemporary texts that detail pharmaceutical prescriptions and surgeries.”

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“The asu Practitioner
 Let me say just a word about the asu practitioner, frequently mentioned together with the asipu of our lists, but itself omitted there.
The antiquity of the medical profession in Babylonia, as well as its antecedents, is indicated by the term denoting ‘physicians’. This word, asu in Akkadian, derives from the Sumerian a-zu or ià-zu, which terms mean ‘the man who knows water (or oil)’, the implication being that the asu was originally a man who divined by water or lecanomancy, presumably with the aid of the water-god Ea.”

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“According to belief, The god Papsukal reports the entire situation to Ea (the king of gods) that Ereshkigal is holding Ishtar against her will in the Underworld. Ea manifests an intersex being called Asu-shu-namir and sends it to Ereshkigal, commanding it to invoke “the name of the great gods” against Erishkigal and to ask for the sacred bag containing the waters of life. Ereshkigal is enfuriated when she finds out Asu-shu-namir’s demand, but she has to give it the water of life. So Asu-shu-namir drops water from the bag onto Ishtar and revives her. Then Ishtar passes back through the seven gates into the realm of the living.”

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“the Sumerian physician, azu, meaning ‘water-knowing’ ”

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“EA= He Whose House/Home is Water”

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“As far as physicians go, another important god was Ea, Lord of Water, and the first great cosmic ancestor of physicians.”

“the translation of Asu is actually ‘one who knows water.’ ”

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