The Anunnaki : Present, Past and Future

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by John Chambers

Alien spaceships sweep into the spaceport from a huge blue-green planet that swam into the regions near Earth only centuries before. On the giant runways made of quarried stone, alien-human hybrids scurry to make sure all is in readiness for the landing of the gods from another planet. In the plains and hills beyond, thousands of their servant/slave brothers labor to extract minerals from the soil for their alien overlords.

Nearby and tens of thousands of miles across the planet astronomical clocks like those of Stonehenge and Machu Picchu not only keep watch over the procession of the stars, but also serve respectively as symbols for the alien masters, themselves vastly ancient, who, in a complex rotational system of 2,160 years apiece, share the responsibility for all of human activity.

Science fiction? No. The true history of man’s ancient past as recreated by Alan Alford, a 36-year-old Welsh former chartered accountant who has joined the ranks of those authors, like Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin, who believe that ancient astronauts’ visited our planet millennia ago and critically influenced the evolution of our species.

Clearly, though, Alford whose book, Gods of the New Millennium, was published by Hodder & Stoughton on July 17 and has been among the top 20 on the U.K. bestseller list ever since has brought some new revelations and discoveries to the table. The Swiss-born von Daniken, whose first book,Chariots of the Gods, was a bestseller in 1970, was content to point his readers however innovatively for the time in the direction of various ancient artifacts, such as the supposed sculpting of an ancient astronaut on the cover of the Mayan King Pacal‘s tomb, which he claimed represented proof of alien intervention. Beginning in 1976 with The 12th Planet, the Israeli-born scholar Zecharia Sitchin sought to present evidence, based mostly on his reading of ancient Sumerian artifacts and inscriptions, that an extraterrestrial race called the Annunaki had bestowed the gifts of civilization on the Sumerians.

Sitchin claimed the interventions took place during the long sojourns the Annunaki managed when their home world, Niburu, wandered near Earth in the course of its 3,600-year-long, vastly elliptical orbit that began beyond the regions of PlutoSitchin also contended that homo sapiens is a genetically engineered combination of Annunaki and human DNA, created so that the masters of Niburu and now of the Earth could have a race of servant-slaves to quarry much-needed minerals for them.

This is basically Alan Alford‘s position, but he has elaborated upon it in several ways. Working arithmetical magic on the odd Sumerian counting system in a way that only a late-twentieth century accountant could manage, he has greatly extended Sitchin‘s chronologies, deducing along the way that theAnnunaki had genetically engineered themselves to live for hundreds of thousands of years, and making the time spans that he had extrapolated for ancient Niburan-human history square with the chronologies of the Old Testament and the Sumerian Kings List.

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