The Sirian Anunnaki

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There are
human scientists; astrophysicists, quantum physicists, and those with
specialties, who have gather in physics research in a group called the LPG-C (Life
Physics Group California).

They are currently meeting with ETs on a regular basis; mind-to-mind communication, and through neuro sensing. Due to this, we have learned more about ET civilizations, in the past and presence.

Others, like George LoBuono, who wrote “Alien Mind”, also use neuro sensing to connect and interact with extraterrestrial beings.

It’s in order to be skeptical about all this for a long time – until reading so much astonishing material and connected the dots, that there were no longer any doubts in the mind that this is actually going on.

The following story about how the
Ša.A.M.i. were created was told me by Dr. A.R. Bordon from the
Life Physics Group California:

Some 4.2-4.5 billion years ago up
to about 6 billion years ago, life was seeded on a planet which orbited Sirius
C, it was a bright, hot, blue star, probably of spectral class B (a blue

This planet is the same one we
today call Nibiru. It was surrounded by 11-12 satellites (moons) [2a] and the
planet itself is about 6 times the size of Earth.

As we have discussed … life doesn’t
magically appear in the universe; it is seeded, or “panspermed”,
which is the technical term for it.

Nibiru/Ša.A.M.e. [*] was panspermed by an older race from a neighboring star

We know this to be true, but who really did it is not clear. There are theories built on information by contacts with different ET groups. This murky area needs some more research, though, and there is just a matter of time before we will know.

The first theory (as given to me by Dr. Bordon) is that the Nibiruans were panspermed by a race known in UFO circles as the “Tall Whites”.

This humanoid ET group, 5.7 – 9
feet tall, with snow-white hair, almond shaped, oval eyes and white skin, are
still here on Earth, occupying a base in the Nevada Desert, close to Nellis
Airforce Base (AFB).

Tall White female

Tall White Female

A second, and perhaps is that the
Ša.A.M.i. were created and genetically engineered by the Lyrans, just like we were to begin with.

What speaks in favor of this theory is that they look very similar to how the Lyrans are normally depicted; Caucasian looking, much taller than today’s humans, and the men almost always had full beards, sometimes braided, and the men also often had long hair.

Ninurta, Sirian Anunnaki royalty,
depicted with ear jewelry, beard, long hair, standing outside a Middle-Eastern star-gate.

We are now talking about the
species which is most commonly depicted in Sumerian cuneiform, but I have
reason to believe that by the time the Ša.A.M.i. visited Earth, they were a mix
of more than one species, working in unison.

At least one of these other species was Reptilian.

Statue from old Sumer, which clearly shows a reptilian being.

A third theory is that the
Ša.A.M.i. is a subgroup of the Lyrans, who developed on their own, without much
intervention with their Lyran brothers and sisters.

They created their own reality,
became conquers of their own and teamed with whomever they wanted. In this
version we are going to use the Tall Whites (TWs) are their creator gods until
we can get that confirmed or not. The way the TWs look, we can see they are
also originating from Lyra.

Perhaps 2-3 billion years after Nibiru had been seeded and intelligent life
forms had developed on the planet, the Ša.A.M.i. noticed that Sirius C was
becoming unstable and would soon turn into a nova.

this happened, it would wipe out all life on the planet.

So what the TWs did was to speed up the evolution on Nibiru, so that the
humanoid species they had seeded with their own DNA could become advanced
enough to space travel and perhaps be able to leave the star system before the
inevitable catastrophe.

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