Two Submerged Pyramids Discovered Off The Coast of Florida Using Google Earth

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Two submerged pyramid-shaped structures were found by a renowned anomaly hunter just off the coast of Florida. As I was scrolling through the site of Scott C. Warring, the renowned UFO and anomaly hunter who only a few months back announced that his disclosure project had come to a halt, I came across these impressive images of formations resembling pyramids on the ocean floor. Apparently Scott Warring couldn’t find relief without hunting for unusual sites on the map, and I have to admit that he published a good one this time.
Using Google Maps, he discovered two submerged pyramid-looking formations at about 4 miles (6.6 km) south of the New Providence Island. He immediately took them to his website where he made them available to his audience. “I found these two pyramids on the ocean floor near the New Providence Island. That is not far from Florida,” he wrote. “The pyramids lines are easy to make out and are proof that the nearby island was once inhabited by an ancient Mayan or Aztec-like people.”

Well, he loves jumping to conclusions, but he is entitled to express his opinion about his find, and on his website. After all, he might even be right. Then, Warring went on offering a detailed description of the formations. “The two pyramids are not the same. One is a perfect three sided structure. the other has a mind layer where it had a step-like area before it made it to the top. This one is very similar to Mayan pyramids in Mexico.”
providence island

While we cannot deny a Maya/Aztec connection to the site due to its location close to the Caribbean and Latin America, there is still very scarce info regarding the site until someone actually dives there and provides extensive sonar imagery. What is really intriguing though is the location of the site which, if viewed from a different angle, rests just off the coast of Cuba.

It is most intriguing and relevant considering that in close proximity to this site were found in 2002 by a professional team of treasure hunters the remains of a submerged ancient complex with pyramids and other structures resembling a sphinx. Don’t forget that National Geographic promised the world a documentary about that site, but they were deceiving us and years have past and the exciting news drowned in shallow waters.

It is Scott Warring that has sparked our interest yet again, and could have potentially informed the Navy of another “forbidden archaeological site.” What is extremely important to note is that, below the Caribbeans, lies a complex submerged heritage of pyramidal structures and other formations of interest.

cuba florida
Number ‘1’ marks the first site off the Florida coast, and nr ‘2’ marks the second site discovered back in 2002 near Cuba

It appears that in ancient times, before the substantial rise of sea level, the islands of the Caribbeans were part of the landmass of North America, and possibly connecting to South America. Imagine that! An evolved civilizations that had erected pyramids and complex cities that was mysteriously swallowed by the waters. Cherry on top of the cake is the enthusiasm of authorities that briskly turned a blind eye on this potentially history-rewriting discovery.

Of course, everything is pure speculation for now, but I’m extremely eager to see what the future of archaeology has in store for us…if we manage at some point to decentralize this practice. What do you think of this find? Is it a simple rock formation? Our imagination playing tricks on us? Or maybe a potential link to the submerged city of Atlantis? Whatever the case, we should be thanking Scott Warring for this formidable find.

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