Two UFOs Fired Their Thrusters To Harness Energy From a Storm Cloud During a Live Weather Report

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Two UFOs with thrusters exhibited a unique spectacle over the sky in Oklahoma, USA, just below an extreme storm front. The entire scene was streamed live by a local television.

The entire scene was caught on live stream by a local news outlet while reporters were discussing about the ongoing storm.

A trivial explanation has been put forward claiming that the sighting was nothing more than bugs on the windshield, but most viewers remained unconvinced since the UFOs had some kind of thrusters which are clearly visible during the video.

Other explanations see the sighting as a pair of daredevils using jetpacks to either test their capabilities during a storm, or to play a hoax on the unsuspecting public.

This kind of technology is not out of reach anymore, with some startups already selling stable jetpack versions to the military, as well as to civilians who can afford this cutting-edge technology.

Of course, many people inside the UFO community have suggested that what we see in the footage are actual alien vessels harnessing energy from the storm clouds.

Although this phenomenon where UFOs were seen hovering above the clouds, possibly recharging their spaceships, is not something new, it remains an enigma why these two alleged alien vessels are hanging around below the storm front and not above it.

The video below shows numerous other examples surprised across the years of UFOs harnessing energy from atop the storm clouds. It’s still unclear what these flying objects are, and it’s perfectly understandable since they cannot be explained with ease, nor compared to any known earthly device.

At one point, one of the UFOs is seen advancing towards the cloud mass using it’s thrusters which are lit and pointed in more directions. Upon reaching the base of the storm front, it suddenly disappears.

Before vanishing into the cloud, at the 0:30 mark, another similar UFO is seen in the top left corner just sitting there motionless.

From a more skeptical perspective, the two flying objects could be the product of advanced CGI effects, but since they appeared on live television makes this hypothesis obsolete.

To this day, the nature of the sighting remains unknown and undisclosed. Authorities and the media didn’t pay much attention to what was caught on video, further fueling our beliefs that they are aware of the UFO/alien reality, but are afraid to let us know about it…yet

Whatever the case, this sighting deserves our utmost attention. What do you think to be the case? Baloons? Jetpacks? Huge storm bugs?

Cover image credits – fabiomassari

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