Bunch of UFOs performing wacky maneuvers over the Australian night sky

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Watch a startling compilation of UFOs filmed in infrared light over Australia.

UFO Lou of YouTube is a reputable UFO hunter from Australia who searches the sky for curious appearances. He is regarded by me and other UFO enthusiasts as an authentic master of disclosure. Using his full-spectrum camera, this guy has succeeded in capturing some of the best sightings with unknown objects that perform peculiar tricks on the night sky that I’ve seen so far. Note that without proper equipment to see in near infrared light, or ultraviolet, most sightings remain undetected by the naked eye.

It’s true that IR light can detect thermal energy from an array of objects, that’s why not everything we see on the night sky can be labeled as a star-ship or alien entity. However, with a little bit of understanding and a fine eye, one can make the difference between the many appearances such as a meteor ( that dashes through in a blink of an eye, leaving a trail and illuminating the sky,) a bird, a satellite (moving in a straightforward direction at high altitude,) a plane or a hang-glider that both have signaling lights.

With that being said, let’s see what makes UFO Lou’s catches so damn interesting:

1. The first object can very well pass as a satellite. It flies at high altitude and slightly changes course, but if you watch it with care, you’ll see that its direction bends again when near the end of the screen. Could a satellite follow a curved path similar to a wavelength?
2. This next object performs a loop.. A slim tail can also be observed, possibly because of the recording speed or because it’s flying at a lower altitude. Could this be a bird or a bat? Or rather something else…?
3. This last UFO is clearly a law-defier. After going in a straightforward direction, it changes course completely and it does it in the most peculiar way. It’s almost like painting an infinity curl on the sky. Any reasonable explanation? Thought so…

I’m always eager to hear some novel perspectives, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on this.

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