UFO Flying at Mach 17 Filmed by USAF Veteran, Sends 4K Footage to NASA

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If you still believe in green men and giant disks in this age of technology, there’s a good chance you’ll miss the true essence of the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial implications on this planet.

What this USAF veteran from Ayden, California had caught on his drone’s camera far surpasses our general understanding of UFOs.

A supersonic device of tiny proportions traveling 17 times faster than the speed of sound zipped nearby his DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4k drone, just above Ayden District Park, and without anyone noticing at first. After later playing the video on his 4k TV, the veteran was immediately amazed by what he saw.

I am 59 years old and retired from the USAF,” the man told MUFON. “In my 20 year military career I thought I had seen it all. This footage took me back!”

The ambiguous object was flying at about 50 feet from ground level at a speed outperforming by far any known craft engineered by human hands. The calculations performed revealed a staggering velocity of about 13,000 mph, that’s 17 times faster than the speed of sound.

For a better ensemble picture, the Lockheed SR-71 barely exceeds Mach 3.2, or about 2,200 miles per hour. The record-keeper for the hastiest manned jet is the SR-71 which is still nearly 6 times slower than the UFO seen above.

If we compare the fastest flying object designed by humans that doesn’t carry a crew, then DARPA’s HTV-s (Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2) is the one to match the elusive UFO after streaking across the sky at the same bewildering velocity of 13,000 mph. However, the HTV-2 had to be launched using a rocket before using its scramjet engine, not to mention the Falcon Project was initiated over a decade ago. Who knows what toys they have in stock by now…

If you play the video at normal speed rate, there’s a good chance you’ll miss the object if you blink due to its extreme velocity and compressed size.

When the video is slowed down, the UFO comes into picture, but it’s neither big nor defined, and is certainly not leaving any trail. It’s not what most people would expect from a UFO sighting, isn’t it?

The description of the video provides additional information – “UFO traveled 6200 feet (about 1.2 miles) in 1/3rd of a second.”

The USAF veteran made an appeal to qualified authorities for further investigations and analysis.

I filed a UFO report with MUFON and they notified NASA and sent them a copy of the video. The video is under investigation and analysis. Work is being performed on it by both agencies.

I wouldn’t put my trust in NASA getting to the bottom of this due to their…busy schedule, but some lines can be drawn by the UFO community on the web.

Let’s have a look first at this similar case surprised by the camera installed on a Q500+ drone. There are many similarities between the two objects in terms of speed, appearance and a healthy appetite to scare drone owners by nearly missing their devices.

Both UFOs seem to belong to the physical realm. Their appearance suggests they’re made of a metallic allow, light-colored and little reflective.

Even more, the veteran’s video was shot in 4k at 30 frames per second, exactly the type of quality one would expect from a modern-day UFO sighting of sorts.

A video analysis by MUFON investigator Sanford Davis sheds more light on this mysterious case, although he was unable to provide a conclusive answer.

This anomaly was neither observed nor experienced first-hand,” the official report reads. “It was observed as the witness was reviewing aerial drone footage. The whole sighting occurs within a third of a second – a streak arising in the background, streaking across the screen before disappearing in the foreground.”

But further comments provided by YouTube users bring more relevance:

It appears as a white dot, flattening out something somewhat into a ‘light disk’ right before it disappears off screen,” one commentator wrote.

Whatever the object was, it sure looks as part of a secret military project, or some otherworldly device with capabilities far beyond ours, but both of these options are not attested by modern-day ‘experts.’

Remember folks, there’s no such thing as super-evolved aliens, interdimensional beings, or black-budget programs. This is just a regular sky phenomenon, possibly a dopey bird, bug, golf ball or camera glitch.

Don’t fall for the alien propaganda, else you might have difficulties like the veteran who had posted this video.

UFO does not mean alien, extraterrestrial, spaceship or anything other than unidentified flying object…there was an object…it was flying…did not recognize what the object was… I don’t want you to think I’m an ass…but I have had death threats because of this video,” wrote the channel owner in the comments section after nearly one year from this staggering catch.

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