What The Church Isn’t Telling You About Nibiru And Anunnaki! – Part 4 (Last part)

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You will find master
astrologers at the highest levels of government and secret societies because
these are the people who know the cycles of astronomy and what each energy will
bring. For example, American President Ronald Reagan would not sign any
document before consulting his master astrologer.

Those who are world leaders and
high-ranking secret society members know all about the precision of the
equinoxes, Pluto in Capricorn and the Age of Aquarius. They know that this façade
of economic subservience, control and conformity is coming to an end, yet they
continue to work against humanity’s best interests while trying to maintain
their fading control over us.


With the constant discoveries
of artifacts from bygone ages, we can conclude that humans have been here for tens
of thousands of years, which contradicts the bible’s timeline of approximately
6 000 years. E.g. a bronze coin found just outside of Chillicothe,
Illinois. It was dug up from a depth of 114 feet and according to the Illinois
State Geological Survey, the deposits contained in the coin are between 200 000
and 400 000 years old. It only takes a few thousand years for everything
to completely rust, rot or decay, except for stone buildings, like the pyramids
on the Giza plateau. Within 100 000 years, there would be no signs of
civilization if a global catastrophe were to occur tomorrow.

How long would it take for the
decay to bury a coin 114 feet into the ground? Apparently, 200 000 years.
Working from this angle, we know that we have been economic slaves for literally,

Nibiru is said to be on a 3 500-year
elliptical orbit. The last appearance of Nibiru may have accounted for all the “Great
Flood” stories told in every religion. Depending on the closeness of Nibiru, it
could cause an extinction level event where a reset of humanity is possible.
That would explain how an unknown bronze coin could be discovered 114 feet into
the ground.


According to the late Zecharia
Sitchen, the Anunnaki created a slave race to mine gold for them, which in turn
was used as a dust to preserve their planet, Nibiru. Therefore, there is such a
great value placed on gold. The greatest secret never told is how the church
has been subservient to their masters, the all-seeing eye, the ones who oversee
the shadow governments, The Anunnaki.


If “God” created man and
woman, then why are there to many blood types and Rh values? While it is
feasible that the Anunnaki genetically manipulated our DNA to create a slave
race, one must aks, “Why are there so many different races, languages, blood
types and Rh values?”
Surely, if the Anunnaki were to create a slave race, we would all be the same.

This leads us to another
possibility: Not only did the Anunnaki create a slave race, but our galactic
neighbors also seeded this planet with various races (Pleiadian, Lyrian, Arcturian,
Andromedan, etc.) as a galactic experiment to see how we would all get along.
The Bible has no explanation for this except to try and sell us on the notion
that our skin types evolved from the geographical locations of our ancestors,
yet it doesn’t address how multiple blood types and Rh values came from two
people, Adam and Eve. This is an impossible scenario.


… we will continue to see a
collapse of money, government and religion. There is nothing anyone can do
about this as all three will inevitably collapse due to the energies of Pluto in
Capricorn. We can expect “The Powers That Were” to continue to suppress technology
while poisoning our water, air and food supplies, but even these will come to
an end as they are all exposed for what they are: Vehicles to keep humanity enslaved.

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